So after a year of planning, we can finally present The Streamline Podcast! Think of The Streamline as the audio version of our blog. We discuss the pop culture happenings of the last month and have in-depth discussions on other pop culture topics.

Listen to the pilot episode below. The Streamline is best listened to while commuting, working, working out, or before sleeping!

After listening to the whole podcast, feel free to give your comments and suggestions. We'd love to hear what you think so we can tweak and refine our pod.

Pop Culture things we discuss:

  • Pabebe Girls
  • PNoy's SONA
  • The Rhap Salazar lip-syncing issue
  • Stephen Curry - Daniel Padilla twitter love
  • Our Cinemalaya movie pitches
  • Matinee Idols vs. Character Actors

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Hope you like it!