Thoughts On...My Ex And Whys

My Ex and Whys was a surprisingly entertaining movie. It had the highs and lows you’d come to expect from a rom-com made by Cathy Garcia-Molina. The movie indeed played to the expectations of the audience. Just reading the reaction of the fully-packed entire theater I watched in, people laughed during funny moments, sniffed at sad moments and were all rightly emotionally-invested for its grand finale.

Though the writers made a questionable decision in painting the characters with such broad strokes. I would have liked to understand why they went for the hasty generalizations of “Men can’t be trusted and women are fragile”. Sure, Gio and Cali were the exemptions to this but it saddens me that the movie had such a narrow perspective of gender dynamics. This considering Cathy Garcia-Molina and writing consultant Carmi Raymundo did gender dynamics so well in A Second Chance.

Nevertheless, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil made the most out of the characters they were given. This is the first LizQuen movie I’ve seen in a theater and was surprised by the couple’s chemistry. Especially Liza! Her control in drama scenes seemed to be almost at par with the likes of Bea Alonzo and Jodi Sta. Maria. Her long rant/confession in the middle of the movie while crying was superb. I just wished that the story was able to match the performance of its lead couple.


  • The Jerald Napoles Scene-Stealing Support Character Award goes to…Joross Gamboa! Joross is the undisputed best guy best friend right now. His improvised lines and tags were just remarkable
  • Ara Mina has now joined the esteemed list of sexy roles to mommy roles artistas. Most famous members are Rio Locsin and Jaclyn Jose
  • I was not ready for a Jeffrey Tam gay best friend role. Much like how I was not ready for a gay Lou Veloso in Die Beautiful
  • Is Karen Reyes making a niche for herself as “the best friend na kahera sa coffee shop”? She also had the same role in Luv U
  • Sponsor Spotting: Dominos Pizza
  • Is the Bakit List a Twitter account or a blog?
  • Why did they try to look for Kimmy G like a stray dog? Hana, Kimmy G’s best friend, did a lot better by tracking Kimmy’s behavior on social media.
  • Clearly Cali had an issue with her father. It would have been nice if she confronted her father.