Thoughts On...I'm Drunk, I Love You

I’m Drunk, I Love You tells the story of best friends Carson (Maja Salvador) and Dio (Paulo Avelino) as they try to make the most out of their last few days together before their graduation. Unsure of what will happen after graduation, Carson contemplates on confessing her seven-year love for Dio.

Don’t be fooled by its title, I’m Drunk, I Love You is more than a love story. At its core, IDILY is about settling loose ends before moving on in life. Or, rather, have the compulsion to worry about the future that we don’t get to enjoy the present. Carson was so wrapped up with the idea of graduating and not being with Dio that she considers admitting her love for Dio. At the expense of whatever relationship they have.

Speaking of relationships, the film’s biggest draw for me was how fleshed out the relationships between the characters were. Carson and Dio had their own thing (i.e. Butterball, making music). While Carson had her own thing with her gay bestfriend, Jason Ty (Dominic Roco) (i.e. calling each other “bax”, “time check!”). These small nuances in their relationships helped in building a warm feeling to the film. Much like what D5 Studio did with Sabagay Life.

Overall, it’s a must-see film. I honestly don’t have any glaring issues with the movie. I would have wanted more setup on Jason Ty and Dio’s characters but it’s more of a testament to how much the writers made such compelling characters.


  • They really pulled through with the DRUNK part of the title, Maja Salvador was drinking for at least 75% of the entire film
  • Drunk Maja is the best Maja!
  • I like how the character are so open to jebs. This just shows the level of closeness they have with one another
  • Minsan nakalimutan ko rin na sarado ang Tomato Kick kapag Linggo, gets ko kayo Carson and Dio
  • Random Cameos: Mercedes Cabral as Carson’s friend at Dio’s gig in Tomato Kick, Thou Reyes as Mark, Jason Ty’s potential “the one”, Kai Honasan as one of the performers at the festival
  • Pathy with an H is just wow.
  • “Hindi ka na Nikki Valdez. Ikaw na si Dimples Romana”- HOY RESPETO NAMAN SA PIONEER NG BEST FRIEND ROLE
  • Why do they call Jason Ty by his full name?
  • “Ang hirap hindian ang taong minahal mo ng sobra”
  • “I like old school, like hardcore…so Regine Velazquez man”
  • Masaya nga atang kumain ng bagnet sa may dagat
  • Props to Dominic Roco for doing a relatively restrained acting for his gay role. Stray actors playing gay roles tend to be too cartoonish in their portrayal. Jason Ty still seemed like a real human being.
  • By the way, the Anghelito short film before the movie was a good setup to the Heneral Luna sequel