Thoughts On...Vince & Kath & James

Vince & Kath & James was a decent teen romcom. It had all the kilig, the away-bati and soapy drama you'd expect from a Star Cinema movie. Jullia Barretto was great, possibly her best performance. However it wasn't enough to stand out compared to the other MMFF films. The story and its progression were predictable. Characters were flat. This may work for a more younger audience, but clearly this wasn't made for me.



  • Julia Barretto made the best out of the character and writing she was given. Might as well change the title of Vince & Kath & James to  The Julia Barretto Show
  • The PBB 737 alums showed some progress with their acting. Joshua Garcia needs a ton of polishing but he can definitely slide in to that leading man role. Maris Racal was on point in doing the baklang babae best friend role. Kinda grating though when she was shouting her lines at the latter part of the movie.
  • Ronnie Alonte looked and acted the part of the arrogant jock.
  • Ylona Garcia's efforts on the movie soundtrack were good. (You can check out the entire soundtrack to the movie here)
  • The bagong tuli scene in the movie was surprisingly a funny moment


  • Fans of the original source material, Vince & Kath, might get disappointed. The writers took so many liberties with the story and background of the characters.
  • Super tiny nitpick with Julia Barretto: she doesn't look like a believable mechanic. She needed to be more boyish with her actions. (That's why I couldn't understand why Vince considers him as one of the guys) 
  • Uh yeah, what's up with the sexified scene of Julia Barretto checking the car?
  • Speaking of objectifying: "Bakit? Sa tingin mo babastusin ko si Kath? Tama ako, gusto mo 'to no *points at Kath*"
    • Probably there's a better way of finding out whether your cousin likes your girlfriend or not other than pretend raping your girlfriend no?
  • The movie wasn't clear on why Vince and James were close friends to begin with. Especially when Vince already had a feeling that he has always been stepping aside for what James wants.
  • Axel Torres showed the weakest acting among the PBB 737 alums. The guy who played Clinton did a better job than Axel. 


  • Throwback Actor of the film: Jeric Raval!