Thoughts On...Die Beautiful

Full disclosure, I wasn't excited to watch Die Beautiful. Unlike Seklusyon or Septic Tank 2, its trailer didn't impress me, it made the movie seem like a typical biographical piece akin to what we watch in Maalala Mo Kaya. So much so, that I couldn't understand why the film and Paolo Ballesteros were winning awards in international festivals. Only when people started raving about it on social media did I watch it. And now, I can confidently say that Die Beautiful  is my pick to win Best Film (edit: Sunday Beauty Queen officially won, congrats!). Its clear plot progression separated Die Beautiful from its competitors (*ehem* Saving Sally, Septic Tank 2 and Seklusyon *ehem*)Each scene, though not in chronological order, introduced or revealed an additional facet of Tricia's (Paolo Ballesteros) character that made it such a satisfying film to watch.


  • Christian Bables (who played Barbs) should win Best Supporting Actor (edit: HE DID!). 
    • "Ayaw mong sabunutan? Edi ako na lang!"
  • You have to watch this movie for Gay Lou Veloso (added him as the cover of this post hahaha)
  • The movie made use of multiple types of comedy, unlike Septic Tank 2
    • That awkward Iza Calzado burol was the best


  • Super small nitpick: would have liked it if they built on Tricia's cause of death


  • It's actually an underdog story. Tricia was a sucky beauty queen for the longest time. 
  • NAME ALL THE 90s - 00s ACTORS:
    • Luis Alandy
    • Jade Lopez (Starstruck Season 1 Avenger)
    • Gladys Reyes
    • Mel Martinez
    • Lou Veloso