Thoughts On...Sunday Beauty Queen

I was most hyped for Sunday Beauty Queen for this year's MMFF. Out of all the finalists' trailers, its trailer was the only one that brought me tears. It's also the very first feature documentary to be a finalist in the festival. Needless to say, The Streamline crew and I willingly ran through Glorietta and Landmark to get to Greenbelt 3 to catch its 5:20 showing (we came from a 3:20pm showing of Seklusyon). I really wanted to like Sunday Beauty Queen. It evidently has a heart. It obviously wanted to showcase the hardships of domestic helpers in Hong Kong. But in the end, I felt it was too spread out to really hit home.


Shout Outs:

  • The OFW story has been told numerous times but one thing that set the film apart was how it openly discussed the legal issues of being a domestic helper in Hong Kong. How most are not allowed to get a separate residence, how most have curfews, how they have 14 days to find a new employer, or how some used to prefer to go to Macau than to go back home to Philippines because they had to pay certain fees. 
  • The film did a great job showing the humanity of each featured OFW.


Call Outs:

  • Would have liked it if the film explored more of the beauty queen aspect of the OFWs. Like how they train, how they get their costumes, what their families here think of pageant career in Hong Kong.
  • I honestly think that the film would have benefited from focusing on two or three people rather than having five or six features. More time to explore the story of each person.

Stray Thoughts:

  • I hope Ate Mylyn Jacobo is doing better now. Her story that she shared in the documentary was heartbreaking.
  • Can the producers also create a documentary film wherein they try to look for Ellen Nishiumi of Oh! Tokyo fame? She's pretty much responsible for instilling in me a fondness of Japanese culture as a child. Here's a short clip of one of her episodes: