Thoughts On...Seklusyon

It's hard to compose my thoughts for Seklusyon. Describing it as scary and creepy doesn't give the film justice. Weird, in its archaic definition, would be the best way to describe it. If in previous films director Eri Matti would be polite enough to bait the audience to hope, in Seklusyon, he mercilessly sustains the dread, not giving the audience a moment to breathe.


  • THEY FOUND A WAY TO MAKE RELIGIOUS ICONOGRAPHY CREEPIER. It'll be hard for me to look at statues of the Virgin Mary, angels and saints the same way again.
  • Scene stealer award goes to Erina. Nilo and Narding are a close second
  • Rhed Bustamante, who played Anghela Santa Ana, greatly deserves a Best Actress nomination. It was such a delight to see her masterfully switch from innocent, creepy and bitchy in every scene. And here I thought Xyril Manabat was already the best child actress of this generation.


  • Father Ricardo was supposed to provide the "detective mystery" part of the movie but was unsatisfying. His "piecing together" process wasn't clear and, in the end, another character "helped" him out
  • The four deacons lacked characterization that would put the boys of Final Fantasy XV to shame. I remember them as baby daddy, glutton, spit guy and pedophile.
Seems legit. (sources:, 

Seems legit. (sources:, 

Stray Thoughts:

  • Diyakuno sounds so cool
  • I'm surprised that the CBCP didn't protest the showing of this film. I personally felt that some of the scenes can be considered as sacrilegious (positively added to the feeling of discomfort)
  • Rhed Bustamante's biggest break was being cast as Liza in the 2015 remake of Flordeliza
  • Phoebe Walker, who plays Sister Cecilia, looks like Annie Clark aka St. Vincent