Thoughts On...Saving Sally

Saving Sally took ten years to make. The movie proudly tells you this detail in its ending credits, wearing it like a badge of honor. And it damn should be proud of it. It's understandable how a movie as visually-unique and dense as Saving Sally would take time to be produced. Sadly, there were elements that didn't age well that weighed down the experience.  

Shout Outs:

  • Visually, the most unique out of all the local films in recent memory (the other one is Manang Biring which you can watch the trailer here). The comics style greatly added to the idea that we are seeing the world in the eyes of Marts (Enzo Marcos)
  • Smart use of colors: light colors (like green, pink and yellow) are for what Marts likes, dark colors (like red, black, and gray) are for what Marts dislikes
  • I'm not joking when I say that it's visually-dense. Background signs, posters, labels and designs could be pop culture references or give hints to what the characters are currently feeling:
Spot the references (source: Saving Sally Facebook page)

Spot the references (source: Saving Sally Facebook page)

  • Toto Calasanz (played by Peejo Pilar) was the best and funniest character. For a supporting character, he felt grounded and real
    • Close second's probably Marts's mom. She did get the nosy and doting Filipino mom on point (with sing-song filipino english accent)
  • Speaking of pop culture references, somehow the prolonged production did help in adding a layer of nostalgia and appreciation (i.e. Sally saving up for a cellphone, Marts having a Nokia 6600, Tamiya racing)

Call Outs:

  • Saving Sally's shows its age in its story. It follows the Nerdy Guy loves a Manic Pixie Dream Girl story progression that was popular during the mid and late-00s (Elizabethtown, Garden State, 500 Days of Summer). I personally would have popped so much for the story if it was 2006. But ten years older, and with the MPDG formula worn out by Zooeye Deschanel, it felt meh.
  • (I'll try be vague here to not spoil anyone) I would have liked the movie more if they spent more time exploring Sally's reasons for staying with her parents.
  • The "saving" part of the movie wasn't definite or clear, story-wise.
  • I was rooting for Nick The Dick to be round character (and probably had the best line in the movie about it), sadly he was also flat 

Stray Thoughts:

  • TJ Trinidad (Nick The Dick) was part of a band in real life
  • Zorro is based on a real masked dude that went around UP Diliman. (not sure if he's still there)
  • Lol at the Batibot connection
  • Spot one of Cheats' singers, Saab Magalona, in the film
  • Apparently, Anna Larrucea was initially cast as Sally. If you're a 90s kid, you'd know who Anna Larrucea is.