Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 05 Reactions

The Force was too much for our hero, Taishi Tamaki.

A fun episode overall. I thought Taishi would lose his mind after the date that he planned didn't push through. All of his dates with the other girls have been perfectly orchestrated except for this one. His Plan B this episode wasn't as good compared to the time he went out with Niki. But at least, it still went well. Chikako still enjoyed her time with him, and even opened up on how she's looking to be part of a family.

But the real highlight of the episode was just how much Taishi's guitly-sense tingled when Chikako was eating a banana while wearing her bathing suit. I've been harsh with Taishi in Part 3, but I feel that he became fun to watch because he's really leaning in on his lovestruck samurai gimmick. Him wincing like he's experiencing some existential pain while Chikako was in front of him was the stuff reality show editors dream of.

I like that Cheri's been straightforward and decided to tell Eric that she's not looking for a relationship anytime soon. Eric looked really bummed about it, understandably. I don't have much sympathy for Eric since he didn't leave a good impression while he was in the house so just tough luck man.

It's sad to know that Guy has finally decided to leave. Given his good run in competition, it's understandable that he needed to focus on his training. Guy's the most outstanding Aloha State member to me because of how chill and different he was from the other members. Not to mention, he had a compelling character arc with bouncing back from a near death experience and falling for Niki. Thank you Guy and good luck with your surfing!