Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 04 Reactions

A carefully-edited episode to build up the next villain in the house.

After a few episodes in the fringes, we now have a Cheri in the spotlight. I'd like to congratulate the editing team first on how they set the whole flow of the episode. This episode was planned out to build Cheri as the new villain now that Anna's out. 

It started with a no set-up hard cut to Cheri and Chikako hostessing an event for the 1% in Oahu. Then was followed with a breakfast date with Eric. They both seem to hit it off. Eric even mentioning that Cheri dropping by the store to ask her out was a "miracle".

Supposedly, the same night, when the other members asked about the date, Cheri exclaimed that it was "the best breakfast she ever had". Everyone seemed happy that there's a new couple in the house but the feel of the room suddenly shifted when Cheri admitted that she didn't know if she's ready to be in a relationship, specifically if she has to go out with other men to broaden her real estate network. I honestly don't feel anything wrong with that, do what you need to do girl to live. She's a strong-willed woman who wants to be self-sufficient. And besides, the whole thing with Eric was probably just because her mom (or aunt depending on the translation) pushed her to do so.

Following scene started with a drunk Cheri after puking at the toilet. She then shared with the other members that she kissed a guy from a work party and was excited by it. The others were bummed about what happened and asked her what about Eric. She then went on saying that she didn't want to think about it since she just wants to date around and enjoy life. The others gasped with the reveal.

Taishi was extremely bothered by this. Probably because he sensed that Cheri's basically doing what he did with the other girls in the house but she called him out. But more than that, I feel the reason why Taishi, the other members and the internet were bothered with Cheri's reveal is that because she's playing the show differently. If other members came to Terrace House to date around to find love (like Taishi), Cheri, on the other hand, just wants to date around and have fun. It's an open-ended objective rather than a goal like what other members would have. 

And I think I'm less bothered by this than Anna, because at least Cheri knew what she's doing. Unlike Anna, who lacked the self-awareness to notice that she's flirting and actually leading men on. 

Speaking of Anna, she did get a good scene at the end with Wez. She and Wez did hit it off and was weirdly halted because of Anna's random decision to leave. But it's nice to see that she's finally found someone that she can be really honest with.

Some Stray Thoughts:

  • Is it even legal to include the picture of the Russin guy on-screen?
  • Taishi had a cheesy eye-rolling talk with the hairstylist friend of Chikako. The dude saying, "take care of Chikako for me" was very scripted at all.