Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 03 Reactions

Double dates and a rap about Instagram.

Here's my take on Taishi and Chika: Taishi BELIEVES that he loves Chika at first sight. I don't have proof of this but I just feel that he's priming himself as such because of two things:

  1. He's staying far too long in the house already and he hasn't be successful
  2. With the other members reaching for their goals in the past few weeks it may seem that Taishi's starting to feel jealous again.

I don't buy that he was smitten immediately, I mean he was more out of sorts when he first met Niki more than Chika. I'm not saying that doesn't like Chika, but I'm just not sold on already finding his love to die for in 3 days time. 

I'm still not liking the Cheri and Eric storyline. Not sure if there's something wrong with the Netflix subtitles, but I'm confused if it was Cher's mom or aunt who was trying to set them up. I'll give Cheri the benefit of the doubt that Eric's "nice" just based on one conversation. And they didn't seem to hit that off that much in Wez's gig. Eric seemed like he was just there to fulfill a Terrace House contract while Cheri was already tipsy.

We finally saw Wez in a gig! He looked alright on-stage. I guess it is going to be hard to pumped up a predominantly American crowd if all the raps were in Japanese. I'm siding with Yama-chan on this one, his Instagram rap was lame. Probably the bars are more difficult to pull of in japanese, but just reading the subtitles it seemed like he just used a 3rd Graders homework about Instagram as lyrics.

Some Stray Thoughts

  • Chika replaced Niki as the person who puts the key on the key holder in the last frame in the opening sequence
  • Masato looked waaaay different after seeing him in Boys x Girls Next Door. He looked more like a mid-30s sleazy director than a 25-year old pro-surfer