Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 02 Reactions

An episode with a pretty clickbaity title, but was pretty much a setup episode.

After an abrupt end to episode 1, we finally meet the new housemate. I couldn't seem to get the "erotic frequency" that the panel was talking about, probably she sounds so sensual in Japanese. I might have to agree with Tokui that there's something different from Chikako, she's not stunningly gorgeous like Lauren or Niki, but there's something with her presence that makes her sexy.

And like clockwork, Sensei Taishi is back at it again. Dude didn't even let her stay for a week before asking her out. But it seems that Chikako's open to his advances anyway. Here's to hoping everything will be great between them.

Dunno if I have low expectations now, but it was nice of Cherie to not badmouth Taishi in front of Chikako. I was afraid of seeing another incident like what Anna did when Niki and Cherie were new.

Speaking of Cherie, I don't know what storyline they want with Cherie and Eric. I mean it feels so forced? Like Cherie would like to meet Eric because her Aunt said that they'd make a cute couple? Also, of all people, why Eric? What did Cherie's aunt see in Eric while watching Terrace House that made her think that they would make a good pair? Eric just sat at the dining table in front of his laptop more often than not! I'm not looking forward to where this is headed but this is a storyline that hasn't been explored yet, a current member dating a previous member while the show is filming.

Other Stray Thoughts

  • I felt so sad for Guy after realizing that Niki's not in the house anymore. On the other hand, Him and Mila seems to be a pretty nice fit. Their interests seem to be pretty close, maybe something will develop between them?
  • Good on Wez for making things happen. Seems that he'll be performing for the first time in Hawaii in the next episode. Taishi's probablly going to be jealous again.