Terrace House: Aloha State Part 3 Review

I can finally say that Part 3 is the rightful successor to Boys & Girls in the City. Part 1 was good but its uneven mix of members made the events dull (Eric was a waste of space,). Producers started course-correcting in Part 2 by introducing more colorful members with Taishi and Guy to spice things up. Part 3 just showed how compelling Terrace House as a TV franchise is when almost every part of it is clicking. The member composition is at its best, more food porn shots and much more drama.

We already have extensive coverage of Part 3 with our per episode reactions posted on the site.  I’ll just go through the notable stuff in Part 3:


Again John Lloyd Cruz everybody

  • Taishi was the star of Part 3, whether we liked it or not, because he made things happen in the house. He’s either part of the storyline (Taishi vs Guy for Niki’s affection, Anna and Taishi’s weird relationship, moving on to Cheri) or he deliberately inserted himself in one (that one time he became an overbearing parent to Yuya). Having a member like him just made things easier for producers of the show, no need to create stories out of nothing (like the time they had us believe that Yusuke had a chance with Lauren). And him recklessly going for every girl in the house was just good television for us. When nobody inside wanted to make drama, he willingly answered the call.

  • Runner-up: Niki 


  • As what I mentioned in one of the episode reactions, she was the necessary catalyst to keep things going. She took up the pretty yet fun woman role that was intended for Lauren (only that Lauren wasn’t really fun). She said yes to all of the date requests she had and was very sincere in her reactions in every single one of them. Also, we all know dates make for good TV.

  • Runner-up: Cheri – she straight up called out Taishi on her 2nd week. How can you not love that?


  • I feel bad for Anna because she was painted as the villain of the series. Yuya even verbalized it in front of Arman, Martha and everyone. We did see the shitty side of her personality in Part 2 when she kept questioning the state of Yuya and Avian's relationship. And we got a better look at it at the start of Part 3 when she started badmouthing Taishi to every new girl. However, I feel there is still a side to her personality that we haven’t seen. I go back again to Natsumi in B&GITC, she was definitely a flawed member but the show spent some time to explore her personality. But for Anna, she was just painted as it is without any attempt on redemption. And when Taishi, Guy and Niki took the stage in the middle of the season, she had to take the backseat. And now that she’s actually going out with someone she seems to like, she announced that she wants to leave. It would have been nice if in one of the few conversations she had with Wez she opened up about her feelings towards the other members. It could have made us understand Anna more as a person.

  • Runner-up: Avian (and Yuya) – I wanted to know more about her pursuit of launching her brand and how it was between them after they became official. We got glimpses of Minori and Uchi together in B&GITC, we even had the meat crime. But we got nothing between Avian and Yuya. Yuya dropping out of English school could have been an interesting storyline to follow but it wasn’t discussed much. 

Most Thoughtful Moment: Guy and his surfing

  • This scene reminded me a lot of Arman’s “happy” speech when he was basically bum-shamed by Hansan in B&GITC. He shared his general philosophy in life which took Hansan off-guard. Guy’s speech was similar, he wanted to turn down the Olympic tryouts because he felt it would betray his surfing philosophy

Source: Netflix

Best Confrontation: Taishi and Guy

  • Taishi was so smug that he thought he was right to get mad at Yuya for being a bum that he told Guy about it. He wasn’t ready for Guy, the chillest dude in the house, to get pissed off by this comparison. It was so tense that Avian and Anna had to leave the dining table like they just saw a start of a messy fight they don’t want to be involved in. I can’t even remember a confrontation like that happened in B&GITC.

  • Runner-up: Cheri’s takedown of Taishi – this was executed perfectly, the girls sat around Taishi at the dining table like wolves circling around their prey. Then Cheri, the alpha, pounced and went for Taishi’s throat so mercilessly.

Best storyline to watch: Guy and his surfing

  • So Guy and Niki had a happy ending at the last scene of episode 8, which was great but I don’t know if it was built up nicely for viewers. It would be nice to see in the beginning of Part 4 if their relationship developed further. Or was this just a spring fling for Niki? That’s well and good, but I feel we won’t get much after the first two episodes since Niki’s going to fly back to Japan. The real storyline to watch out for is Guy’s rehab back to competitive surfing. We’ve seen him back in the sea but admitted that his confidence was still a bit shaky. We even had a few scenes of him with his surfing coach at the skate park to proceed with his training for his upcoming competition in Bali. With all the storylines in the house right now, it was hard to notice that we were witnessing a frickin’ Lifetime Drama or MMK episode on Terrace House! A professional surfer who almost died, gets haunted psychologically by the accident and is working his way back to pro-level surfing because that’s how much he loves surfing. Taishi may want to shut up and observe Guy because he’s literally living with a person who has achieved a love that is worth dying for.


See you again in 2 – 3 months time for Part 4 of Aloha State!