Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 03 Episode 08 Reactions

Part 3 ended with a bang...but not in a good way...

Episode 08 had a promising start. Guy and Niki hanging out at the kitchen late at night was a nice opener. And how it was shot and edited made it seem like we're peeping at a discreet meet-up between lovers at midnight kind of thing. 

With cheesy lines!

Wez and Anna were vibing the whole episode! They seemed to be so comfortable with one another. It was weirdly refreshing to see Wez is chill approaching girls compared to Taishi. Too bad Anna's leaving. Out of the members, I feel that we were unable to fully see Anna's personality. If this was a scripted TV series, she felt like a one-dimensional supporting character, playing as Taishi's original love interest. It would have been nice to know more about her, like why she moved to Hawaii and why she was such a dick to Taishi. Natsumi from B&GITC, even when she was the villain, was portrayed better than Anna. At least we were able to understand Natsumi's motivations and tensions, but with Anna, she was just bleh. Hopefully she still decides to stay, I think Wez and her are just good together.

The Overwatch Play of the Game was brought to us by Cheri, who did a vicious takedown of Taishi out of nowhere. It was messy, confusing but awesome TV. We haven't had a lot of house meetings in this season but this one seemed the best one. From what I understood of Cheri's explanation, she just wanted Taishi to care more about the feelings of the women he dates. He's so into his idea of "a love worth dying for" that he doesn't clear up his intentions. He never talked to Niki, and instead he went straight to Cheri, leaving Niki clueless considering that they had a wonderful date. And based on what Cheri mentioned, it seemed that off-screen Taishi was still making moves on Niki and Anna. What a difference an episode can make. Last week, Taishi was on top of the list of all three girls and now he's done for.

Okay now for the final scene. I'm all for Guy and Niki as a couple, but I felt, at a storytelling standpoint, it lacked build up. I was ready to jump for joy but damn it felt weird. Or at least for us viewers, it seemed like there was a big gap considering how disastrous their date was last episode. I mean we saw more build-up from Naomi and Yuya in Part 1 and they weren't even a real couple! There have been questionable editing decisions this Part 3 but this definitely topped the list.