Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 3 Episode 07 Reactions

The penultimate episode of Part 3 felt a little flat thanks to an underwhelming date from Niki and Guy.

I’m a guy Guy, but dang did he mess up his date with Niki. Their date was slightly painful to watch seeing Niki bummed-out from the very start of their date. Fully knowing that she had a good date with Taishi the other episode. Like I thought when Guy say it’s going to be his style of date, I thought it was going to be spontaneous and exciting. Making a shitty tent and then leaving your date on the shore while you surf wasn’t cool at all.

I thought Taishi would be smug about winning the date wars but it seems that he has moved on to Cheri. To be fair, Taishi has a point, Cheri’s at a similar wavelength as him. Both of them are driven and goal-oriented. And they actually look good together. Oh props to Taishi with his seat-switching ninja moves to get sit beside Cheri at the dining room.

It seems that Taishi show is in full effect, based on the sharing of the girls in their bedroom it seems that they all like Taishi. Reminds me of those harem animes like Tenchi Muyo.

Wez has just been chilling in the house right now, not really moving in on any of the girls. And it looked like he didn’t have to because Anna just went up to him at the end of the episode. Somehow I had a sense they did have chemistry together. I hope this new pair works so all of the members are all paired up!