Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 3 Episode 06 Reactions

Okay before anything else, I don’t like the treatment of Avian’s brand launch. It was super short and uneventful. Like we saw the event after it already happened. I mean after this has been teased since Part 2, I was expecting to see a lot more from it, much like Lauren’s exhibit and Eric’s Punchbowl. The scenes were so fast, Yusuke’s special appearance there felt useless!

Seeing Avian leave was probably the saddest I felt from a member’s exit this season. She was just a positive presence in the house and secretly the most successful of all the members (reached her goal and got a boyfriend). I still don’t get why she went with Yuya but then again she didn’t have a lot of choices to begin with (Ukulele Boy, Yuya or dude who spends more time on AutoCad). I don’t really care about Yuya, he became too comfortable and was just too comfortable in the house. Though I did find his long young bro hug with Taishi sweet, an apt gesture to wrap their relationship.

Okay I think the producers did pretty well in introducing Cheri and Wez. They seem mature and have dominant personalities that they changed the atmosphere in the house in half an episode. And both of them seem confident without being neurotic (like Taishi) that I’m expecting things to happen more in the house.

Although I don’t get Taishi suddenly shifting his attention to Cheri. We haven’t seen them interact with each other so I don’t know how Taishi suddenly realized that Cheri’s the best for him. I’m interested to see how Niki will react once she sees Taishi making moves on Cheri after having an awesome date with him.


  • I like the potential bromance, as how Cheri put it, between Wez and Guy. Guy was seriously stoked to hear that Wez is a rapper.
  • Also why did they let Cheri walk uphill with her luggage while wearing heels?

Hirap bes

  • And WTF was this dude in the frame during Cheri’s office scene?