Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 3 Episode 05 Reactions

You know it’s going to be a good episode when it starts with this scene:

Primal habits

Props to the editing team in making the episode entertaining. The first half was about Taishi and Niki’s date. So we got a lot of scenes from their date. I still don’t get the difference of Bouldering from Indoor Rock Climbing but whatevs. Overall, it was a good date. Taishi went full-on Telltale’s The Walking Dead and remembered all of Niki’s favorites, probably the ideal version of Yusuke and Lauren’s “date” in Part 1. It was borderline obsessive but it does fit Taishi’s equity. But what’s important was that Niki seemed to sincerely enjoy the date, even sharing all the pictures she took during the date. Best date so far in Aloha State. I understand why the panel wasn’t as high on the date compared to the members, it was formulaic but it went perfectly. In a season sparse with good dates, I’ll take it.

After the panel, we got a spontaneous moment between Guy and Niki. I don’t know why they had to watch One Piece (was it because the creator of One Piece is a fan of the show?) but it did the trick. The panel dug the scene so much but I felt there wasn’t enough build up between Guy and Niki. Later in the episode, Guy mentioned to Taishi that he and Niki had started to hangout a lot. I wished they showed more of their moments together. That could have made their curry scene much better.

And then we get this scene from Guy:

Why did you even ask Anna? Of course he's doing it leaf by leaf!

Oh and the wrap-up of Avian and Yuya’s arc have started. Avian has started production for her brand, ILA, cool name btw, while Yuya started looking for an apartment to move in once he leaves the house.

But what really took the cake for me was the final scene with Guy asking Niki out on a date. Guy’s and Taishi’s styles are way different. If Taishi’s was so planned out, Guy was just shooting from the hip. Taishi took the lead and just confirmed the details with Niki while Guy floated ideas to her as they came to his head. Collecting seashells sounded way lamer than Bouldering but if you have Guy as your date, it would still be a fun time.