Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 3 Episode 04 Reactions

Oh what a difference an episode makes…after good showings from Taishi the past few episodes, he just went on full beast mode (dream police Tap mode) and chomp on poor Yuya. Dude, I know you’re supposed to be concerned of Yuya missing his chances but damn you just crossed the line. So much so that I think we just confirmed a side of Taishi that we just saw glimpses of. He’s a jealous and insecure dude.

So the whole scene happened because good ol’ Guy shared the news that he was in the shortlist to represent Japan in the next Summer Olympics. Our precious warm milk-drinking, shades-wearing (at night), reality show-membering pro surfer has a chance to be an effin’ Olympian! Of course everyone was happy that he has the opportunity (and that Avian apparently bakes a badass cheesecake). But surprisingly, he was mulling over the decision. In one of the most enlightening moments of the series, he shared that he’s leaning towards declining the offer to tryout because he would be forced to surf a certain way. He’s pretty much saying that surfing in the Olympics may be cool, but that’s not surfing for surfing’s sake anymore. Being unable to surf in his own terms is a big trade-off for him that he doesn’t want to take. Considering that an episode ago he did share that the reason why he doesn’t have a manager was because he won’t be able to surf in his own terms. You have to respect a guy having the balls and clear reason to not accept an Olympic tryout.

Well, the awesome news bothered Taishi, for some reason. So much so, that he needed Yuya as his sounding board to process things…in the most awful way. He was berating Yuya why he wasn’t inspired by Guy’s news to work on his dream. And then we do find out that Yuya was planning to quit English school because it was “boring”. That is a worrying sign but Taishi really went overboard. Taishi’s forcing his own discipline on Yuya, and we all know Yuya’s not like.

And damn it, Yuya’s only 19! Let the boy live! Not all young ones in Terrace House have to be super good at something! Yusuke, Lauren and Guy have been working on their respective crafts for years already. That’s why they’re already reaping the benefits of their hard work at an early age. I won’t be surprised if Yuya decided to become an actor 30 minutes before his audition for Terrace House.  Taishi, Lauren, Guy and Yusuke were exceptions than the actual rule.

And dude, why ask Yuya why he hasn’t asked you about how Hollywood is like? You were really ready to go on full sensei like a seasoned Hollywood insider? Bro, you need to slow do…ooo.ooown.


(Though side note: props to Taishi for sharing Hollywood realness. Because of Yuya’s looks, he has to compete with American roles, not Japanese roles)

But the most surprising scene was when Guy and Taishi had a confrontation at the dining table. Guy, the chilliest and most free-spirited dude in the house, got mad because Taishi was comparing Yuya with him. He’s basically telling Taishi to just let Yuya figure things out for himself.


It was the tensest the house has ever been.  So much so that Avian and Niki had to leave the room and probably get Yuya to break the tension. Yuya eventually shared that because of his talk with Taishi, he was motivated to do something and that he’s already looking for part-time work. I had a sense that it wasn’t the sincerest of announcements, like he was forced (AGAIN) to say something just to finish the conversation.

I know this is kind of evil, but I think Taishi’s using Terrace House as his audition tape for eventual Hollywood work. He is inserting himself to every storyline in the house, so much so that the panel was joking that he thinks it’s his show now. Oh well, at least things get interesting now


Other notes:

  • Lol at Yuya’s face after announcing his plans after him and Avian are going to leave. He was so straight-faced like he wasn’t that motivated. I would have liked Avian to stay more in the house but Yuya has been deadweight since Part 3. He needed to leave already.
  • The gossip session between the girls was weird. And Anna just intentionally made things awkward between Niki and Taishi. Yeah it’s true that it was uncool of Taishi to ask Niki out on a date in front of Anna but she tell him that it’s okay for him to ask Niki out. That incident then should have been a non-issue. Also, she likes saying that she doesn’t understand Taishi as if she’s distancing herself from the issue but he’s actually contributing a lot to it.