Terrace House: Aloha State; Part 3 Episode 02 Reactions

Niki as a member is interesting, given that she’s the only housemate so far with a time limit. She’s staying at the house for her spring break and will go back to university after two months.  Such a lucky girl to be offered in a reality show aired globally for vacation. But the panel is right; the time limit adds fuel to the competition between Guy and Taishi to get her affection.  I guess the producers took note of how the dating in Part 1 was so sparse and slow that they needed to change things up. It’s unfair to Niki that I write her as just some stimulus to spice up the show, but that’s really how they’re using her. She doesn’t have any solid motivation to stay in Terrace House or in Hawaii other than to have pretty awesome vacation. I’m not sold with the “so I can practice speaking English” reason because when she was ordering the mix plate during her lunch date with Guy, she had a better accent and knew the superlative of “small”!

But to be fair, she is a pretty fun and easy-going girl. In a span of one week, she already went out on three friendly dates. I kind of agree with the panel that she does seem to be a good in-between Avian and Anna. She seems to have the sincerity of Avian but with the chill nature of Anna.

Okay now with Anna. She’s doing some mighty sneaky moves. I do think she was taken aback by how pretty Niki was and how fast Taishi moved on from her. She made power plays throughout the episode to play mind games with Taishi. Here’s a list of sneaky things she did:

1.       She deliberately ruined Taishi in front of the girls by sharing the talk they had about dating. And what irked me was how she misquoted Taishi. Taishi said that Anna is a tease if she is touchy-feely with guys SHE DISLIKE. She took out the “the guys she dislike” part and just told the girls that Taishi said that she’s a tease because she’s touchy-feely. Not good, girl, not good.

What Taishi said was totally different. (click on the photo for full view)


2.       Other awful thing she did was “remembering” to wear her apron in front of Taishi while she and Niki were cooking. Based on Yuya and Taishi’s conversation in the guy’s bedroom, he was almost sure of not pursuing Anna anymore. I don’t blame him if he’s getting mixed signals again because of that apron play of Anna.

3.       But the downright sneaky move Anna did this week was to urge Guy to go out with Niki! She started by telling Guy that Taishi already went out with Niki so he should also go out with Niki. It seemed like she was being a nice housemate but it was her way of encouraging Guy and Niki to pair up to isolate Taishi. It was Nacchan levels of pot stirring. (Remember that Natsumi was that one who snooped around the fridge to pull out the premium meat which sparked “the meat incident”).

Other thoughts:

  • Taishi’s being too open with his plans in finding “a love worth dying for” so much that the other members are already making fun of him.
  • Did Yuya also go with Avian to Japan and LA? The episode established that Avian was going away but not Yuya. Or Yuya doesn’t come home to the house if Avian’s not there?
  • I should use Guy’s “perky-perky” in conversations
  • That scene of Guy and Niki figuring out how to ask for a doggy bag for their leftover food was nice! One of those mundane things that mean more thanks to Terrace House’s treatment.