Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 3 Episode 03 Reactions

Not as explosive as I would have liked but episode 03 did built the storylines to watch for the next episodes.

Okay before I go to my comments on the actual episode, I just want to share stuff I noticed about the show's production:

  • The episodes for Part 3 are long. Roughly averaging 38 minutes per episode.
  • The intro segment of the panel takes up more time than it did before. They took up the first five minutes of episode 3 before even the first segment in the house.
  • They changed the visuals of the opening. The jump into the pool shot now uses the current members. Also, Niki replaced Lauren in the "putting the key on the key holder" shot before the title card.

Okay, back to the episode. The first half of was Guy-centric. Guy tried to get back to surfing and succeeded. Can I just say, the editing for his scene in the water was fantastic. For almost a minute, we can just hear the waves crashing, no music, no voices. Just the image of Guy anticipating and passing on riding several waves. Eventually when the right wave came in, the editors faded out the sound as Guy started to surf. After zigzagging and standing triumphantly on top of his board, the intro song comes on, just in time for Guy to flip two birds before washing out. Oh my god, I love this show.

But it actually gets better. After the opening theme, Taishi asked Guy about the experience. Sensing that Guy isn't fully comfortable yet sharing with everyone, he asks Guy if he wanted to talk one-on-one. The panel was right, Taishi really knows how to empathize. Anyway, Guy shared the psychological trauma that affected him. How he was really scared of washing out again; how other people around him mocked him, told him that he's just doing an act. But he can't let go of surfing because he loves it so much. So much so that he's willing to risk his life again. Taishi, Guy just showed you an example of a love that is worth dying for. And even with that serious stuff, Guy was still goofy this episode. Asking for warm milk and wearing shades at night.

And things are getting interesting between Taishi and Niki. The second half of the episode was mostly just the two of them interacting. That scene where both of them were waiting tables made me to root for them. I dunno, there's just something with Terrace House that makes waiting tables more compelling. The last scene where they had a weird talk in the car was...something... Niki wanted to ask Taishi directly but Taishi was being coy with his answer pretending that he didn't hear what she said. Niki not repeating what she said made things more muddy. An uneventful way to close the episode.

Speaking of uneventful, Arman and Martha's visit was underwhelming. At first it was kind of a mind fuck seeing members of two seasons of Terrace House that I've watched sharing the same table. However, I expected more airtime from their visit, and more prodding to provoke the members, much like what Seina did in Part 1. But more or less they just went there to give advice about long-distance relationships. I dunno if it's because Yuya and Avian were gone for almost two episodes, but I wasn't just interested with their story arc. But aside from that, Arman and Martha just went. They didn't include the scene when they left the house. But I did like two moments there:

  • Yuya breaking kayfabe and outing Anna as the villain of the house


Yuya breaking kayfabe

  • Guy reminding Arman about that time he was so into Arisa