Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 3 Episode 01 Reactions

Today, part 3 of Terrace House: Aloha State has been released worldwide. I don't have the patience and discipline to watch all episodes, write a review of part 3 and then write power rankings for each episode. So I'll just try to write a semi-coherent reaction piece on each episode as I watch them.

So generally, episode 17 had all the hallmarks of Terrace House: we had a member leaving, a new one joining, rejection and our first Aloha State relationship! Taishi was the centerpiece being on our screens for most of the 38min episode. I'm generally torn with Taishi, I'm not sure if I like him or not. At times he becomes this wise experienced man, much like Hansan, but sometimes I'm not sure if he's just faking his reactions. I know he established himself as emotional, but damn I haven't known anyone to be THAT sensitive to crying. It's as if he uses each sad moment to practice his crying. And this episode doesn't help in judging Taishi at all.


The talk he and Yuya showed the best and worse of him. He helped Yuya process his feelings and actually urged him to settle things with Avian. But he did also cry about it, It's not as if he was really close with the couple that he was so affected by the pair drifting apart. 

One thing that really made Taishi the MVP of the episode was how he confronted Anna about her "entertaining" suitors. It was nice that finally someone spoke their opinion of Anna. 

Context: Anna goes on dates and touches her dates therefore giving signals even if she's not interested

And speaking of Anna, she's becoming the heel of the season. She basically rejected Taishi after showing signs that she was interested (in their Jurassic Park horse riding date). Also, I don't get her explanation of "men and women are all humans". WTF was that about? It's so hypocritical of her too prod Yuya and Avian about their relationship while she wants to be free-spirited when it comes to her own relationships.

Oh and kween Lauren Tsai just left the house. She did experience one of the best character arcs in the series so far. Treated Yusuke like trash in Part 1 only to be treated like trash by Taishi in Part 2 and stuff was so bad in the house that she had the urge to move to Tokyo.  Also, it was so awkward that Taishi reiterated that she's a "friend" to him and then gives Lauren an awkward hug afterwards.

(BTW...Hypebae and Hypebeast just released a featured video on Lauren. I guess they decided to launch the vid the same time Part 3 was globally released. You can find the video here)

And a new member joined! Niki seems to be a fun person. She seems to be way more outgoing and friendlier than Lauren. So much so that it took Taishi aback. I'm not sure if she's just really amiable but it seems that there's some chemistry between the two. Maybe next episode will clear things up!

Additional Note:

  • Definite meta moment when Saito was wearing a hat made by Arisa, one of the girls from Boys & Girls In The City