Terrace House: Aloha State: Power Rankings Part 02 Episode 02

Welcome to the second edition of our Terrace House Aloha State Power Rankings. Last week, Naomi was the biggest mover after an episode that celebrated her role in the show. Lauren suffered losses. While Eric and Yuya floundered. But now that Naomi’s leaving, who’ll take her place as the top member in the house?


  • AVIAN: The show is clearly building up Avian’s in this new episode. We know that Avian has a pretty cool personality from part 01. Now, in Part 02, they’re building up her motivations. The show continued to follow her pursuit for her bikini brand as we watch her pitch it to her mom and a merchandising director over lunch. And we also get to see more of her intimate conversation with Yuya now that they’re the only pair in the show. Sharing her anxiety about people expecting her to succeed her mom in managing 88 Tees, on-screen, added another layer to her humanity. Even though she may seem headstrong and confident, she is still affected by what people think of her. 
The face of guilt

The face of guilt

  • LAUREN: Okay so I kinda felt for Lauren in this episode. The last two episodes have been emotionally draining for her. Last week, she was burnt by a fiery confrontation with Avian. This week, she learned that Eric, the only person she’s close with, has decided to leave the house once his pop-up store is done. And then Yusuke also announced that he’s leaving. I can see her getting affected by Eric leaving, but it surprised me that she was also affected by Yusuke’s announcement. The good people of the No Script At All podcast mentioned that maybe she felt that she was the reason why Yusuke’s leaving. I do agree that she might have felt guilty after her poor treatment of him in their “date”. But just like what our guest panelist, Saito, said, it was nice that we’re seeing Lauren’s human side more and more. She had a confident and independent presence in the first episodes that we forgot how actually emotionally vulnerable 18 year olds can be. This new vulnerability that she’s showing as well as her moves to have her first solo exhibit are making her more rootable.

YUYA: I’m torn on how to judge Yuya in this episode. I got his intention but still saying that Avian was the “least pretty” out of the three girls was so shitty of him. But he did make it up by subtly telling Avian that he likes her. Overall, I guess that weighed more since his admonition of his feelings was what they needed to deepen their relationship.

DIdn't know Yuya was a video game fan

DIdn't know Yuya was a video game fan


  • YUSUKE: Yusuke’s final moments in the house were on-brand. Making a song about his time in the house is totally Yusuke. (note that out of the three times we see him perform for the other members in the house, this was the only performance that he initiated) Having his parents pick him up is also a totally Yusuke thing to do. Until the very end he was still a loveable boy.


  • ERIC: Eric is still consistently an awful member to root for in this episode. He gets minus points again this week for being so non-chalant in breaking his news to Lauren. He just dropped his news to Lauren while they were finishing some designs for his pop-up store. He should know, of all people, that Lauren’s not in a good place recently since he's the closest to her. I don’t know…and leaving right after opening the pop-up store is just being sooo user-friendly isn’t it? I’m fully aware that people go on Terrace House for publicity, but man can you be more subtle with it? It reminded me of how Arisa from Boys & Girls In The City made the other members work for her exhibit, and then broke the news that she’ll leave right after the exhibit. She was just more subtle. Also she has Costco Magic


  • I welcome Saito as a permanent member of the panel. Man he made a strong impression with his short segment at the start of the show. His bit about Hansan leaving as a sad point in his life would definitely endear you to any Terrace House fan
  • Man, the demo version of “Monogatari” sucked so much. Tempo was too fast and Yusuke’s playing wasn’t clean. Probably he was too nervous to perform it properly.
How can you not love this guy?

How can you not love this guy?

Stay tuned for other episode breakdowns in the coming weeks!