The Ultimate Streaming Showdown Pt 5: Head-to-Head Comparison

Welcome to the series finale of Pop Philtre’s Ultimate Streaming Showdown. In part 1, I explained the parameters and the point system that I will use in evaluating each SVOD. Parts 2, 3 and 4 focused on individual evaluations of local iterations of Netflix, iFlix and Hooq. Part 5 will be a head-to-head comparison of all three SVODs. With more charts! l focus on Hooq.  Just to be clear: the score and evaluation that I will be detailing are based on my experience of Philippine versions of Netflix, iFlix and Hooq. Catalog and Pricing may differ in other territories.


How to read charts:

1.     The bigger the shape, the better overall performance of a given service

2.     The closer the points of an SVOD to a parameter or sub-parameter label (Catalog, Pricing, Usability), the better it performs in the given parameter/sub-parameter


Key Takeouts:

  • Netflix offers the best Catalog and Usability among the three services, but loses heavily in pricing
  • iFlix seems to mix a good balance of all three parameters
  • Hooq performs well in pricing but not much else



  • All three SVODs need to improve the quality of their film and television selection
  • Netflix seems to be closest in solving its selection issue as it uploads new content on a weekly basis.
    • Also take note that Netflix is already churning their own content
    • Hooq is also releasing their first original content this year, no news yet with iFlix
  • Netflix and iFlix are both kid friendly: has big name programming as well as a kids filterEven though Hooq has age-specific filters for kids, it lacks a Kids filter that can block non-kids programming


Link to Top 20 All-Time

Like to Top 20 of 2016


  • Don’t get any of the SVODs if you want the best new films from last year
  • Netflix by far has a better selection of exclusive original and distributed films
  • Netflix offers the widest variety of international content (Mexican, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, UK, Chinese, Korean)
    • iFlix focuses more on content from other Asian countries like Thailand, India, Malaysia and Korean
    • Hooq has Chinese and Korean
  • Hooq makes up by having the most expansive Filipino content
    • iFlix also a commendable list of mainstream and indie Filipino films
    • Don’t get Netflix if you want Filipino content


Link to Top 20 All-Time

Link to Top 20 of 2016


  • Get Netflix if you want to watch a some of the best shows from last year (all are Netflix Original content)
  • Netflix offers the widest variety of international content (Mexican, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, UK, Chinese, Korean)
    • iFlix focuses more on content from other Asian countries like Thailand, India, Malaysia and Korea
    • Hooq has Chinese and Korean
  • Both iFlix and Hooq have a decent selection of Filipino TV content. Both also offers recent episodes of GMA shows like Encantadia and Alyas Robinhood



  • Netflix has an advantage in big-screen watching because of its apps specifically designed for Smart TVs and consoles
  • Netflix’s has a UI advantage over iFlix and Hooq
    • Searching for content on Netflix is the easiest, thanks its comprehensive search engine and recommendations
    • iFlix and Hooq may have more content in their library but are useless if they are unable to fix their search function and user interface
  • All three have mobile apps that look similar to the UI of their browser versions.
  • Netflix and Hooq has adjustable video quality options unlike iFlix that automatically determines vide quality
  • iFlix and Netflix have offline playback available right now
    • Hooq’s offline playback feature is temporarily removed for further tweaking



  • Netflix has more flexible viewing features but might be greatly hampered by its monthly subscription fee
    • Netflix is the best option if you have multiple members in the family interested in using the service thanks to its profile creationg system
  • Both iFlix and Hooq are newbie friendly because of their free trial periods without the need of a credit cards and a variety of payment methods
    • Hooq also offers weekly access in case you just want to try the service in a week


If based on points, then yes, Netflix is the winner among the three. However, Netflix is far from being the ideal SVOD service because of its lack of content. The best way to settle this really is just trying to look for the niches best for each service

Get Netflix if

  • You’re a fan of foreign content from around the world
  • You want no-fuss usage

Get iFlix if

  • You just want to try out SVOD services. It scored respectively for all parameters, plus low buy-in

Get Hooq if

  • You’re into Filipino content. iFlix and Netflix can’t match up to its Filipion film library