Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 11 Reactions

Congratulations Taishi you finally achieved your love to die for.

Yey! Another Terrace House couple. Nice that Taishi has finally achieved his goal in the house. He executed his date plan perfectly and got the result he was expecting. However, the whole episode didn't excite me as much when I know that they are plot holes in the Cheri storyline.

Last thing we saw was that Taishi and Cheri had an awful falling out. Cheri even said harsh words to Chikako for setting up the 5 vs 1 house meeting. And then the one-time we see Cheri in this episode, we see her all smiles and supportive of Taishi and Chikako. What happened????

This bothers me a lot because Terrace House to me is a show about relationships and harmony. Discussing issues head-on, sitting through awkward and tense discussions until it is settled. But they totally skipped this part here!

Let's see if these would be addressed in the last episode. I'm not expecting much from the last but hopefully it's going to be a fitting finale.

Some Stray Thoughts:

  • The panel wearing Shinuhodo No Koi t-shirts was such a lol. The showrunners were really rooting for this storyline. 
  • Why did they even bring back Chikako's friends in the scene in Punchbowl?
  • It was nice to see Avian and Yuya again. Avian still has the most underwhelming title as "salesclerk" they should have at least changed it to a business owner now she has ILA SWIM.