Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 10 Reactions

Messy in a bad way.

Episode 10 reached the peak messiness I was craving based on the previous episode, but it still left me dissatisfied. It seems that Taishi sucked up much of the storytelling especially in Part 4 that left the storylines of other members empty. Like I mentioned in the previous episode reaction, Mariko and Cheri's interaction might have made more sense if we had at least some context of Mariko's personality. Based on Cheri, Mariko also seemed to lack the self-awareness to feel if she's already annoying people or not. And she also didn't even defend herself during the house meeting!

Cheri's actions were also bizarre during the house meeting. They said that she had been distant for a couple days already but that wasn't mentioned or hinted during the previous episodes. But I do understand why she was pissed off with Taishi. Taishi was lecturing her of being selfish and inconsiderate of other people's feelings but Taishi was also the same! I'm glad that Cheri somehow fought back at Taishi because the dude is still clueless of his actions. However, as much as I am a Cheri mark, her actions were totally unacceptable during the meeting. She did show a lack of empathy for Mariko that was so unbecoming of a person who supposedly has very altruistic intentions.

I was also disappointed with Ryo's non-showing in the house meeting! He seemed to be the most levelheaded in the house but he couldn't even say things to help deescalate the issue. I guess it's because he lacked information from all sides of the issue that he was uncomfortable to step in. 

But the person who irritated me the most was Wez. He was in the middle of the issue and did nothing. Taishi even tried to include him in the discussion but backed away with a general one-liner.

I love the house and I always look forward to when all six members get along no matter what issues they face. And it felt like such a letdown for me that this episode had a fucking Taishi and Chikako date in-between. It disappointed so much that the editors decided to build Chikako and Taishi's story with him finally showing off his toned body to Chikako that actually focusing on how Chikako and Taishi are working on building the harmony in the house.

To be quite frank, I'm not excited to watch the next two episodes especially if they're just going to gloss over the harmony issue in the house in favor of Taishi and Chikako's story. But I'm already 10/12 episodes in so I might as well just continue.