Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 09 Reactions

It's the start of Aloha State's endgame.

I came to realize Terrace House was a transcendent TV show when in B&GITC, on its last few episodes, they revealed a secret relationship between two members. It felt like they pulled the rug under all the viewers who wholeheartedly believed that Terrace House has always been honest in its depiction of its house members. But they intentionally withheld a few details, but still built a story to make the finest swerves I've watched in a TV show. They're trying to do it again here for Aloha State but I feel it's not as effective.

With a few episodes left before the finale, it seems that the last two stories would be (1) the resolution between Chikako-Taishi, (2) the house meeting over Cheri's behavior vis-a-vis Mariko-Wez's situation. I'm glad that there still seems to be a chance for Chikako and Taishi. It was a difficult talk but Chikako powered through and settled things with her husband. She made things clearer to Taishi and it seems that the ball is now in Taishi's court. We'll see if he can overcome his emotions and finally achieve his goal.

As for Cheri...the bull session of the guys with Arman and Martha somehow cleared up what happened between Eric and Cheri. It seemed that Cheri had lied to the members and to everyone about what happened. It's hard to gauge if Eric's story is the truth...she can still date who she wants. However, it seems now that she might not actually be a good housemate to the other members. I don't necessarily see the "she doesn't respect others" comment. I do feel she does lack empathy. But it doesn't take away the fact that what she did to Mariko was pretty shitty. Hopefully we get a definite resolution to this in the next episode. 

The Cheri-Mariko-Wez issue might have been more impactful if we saw more of Mariko. During the dining table meeting, she said that she and Wez had totally opposite personalities but the statement didn't make sense for us viewers since we haven't seen them interact at all. Also, it made Wez seem such a dick for saying that Mariko has "parts of her that's difficult to deal with". I don't want to defend the guy after the shitty thing he did to Anna but yeah just for the sake of fairness.

Anyway, it looks like the next episode's going to be a treat!