Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 08 Reactions

Taishi just couldn't help it *smh*

Last episode I was so hoping Taishi wouldn't fuck up his shot with Chikako. But man...


To be fair I don't think Chikako was the one who created the monster that is Taishi. She may have enabled him by deliberately flirting with him, but we all knew that he's REALLY thirsty and lives for the drama. It's understandable from Chikako's POV that it can be difficult. A guy you just met for a month or so suddenly showers you with attention. Now that her ex-husband is messaging her...oh boy this is going to be really messy.

And in the middle of the Chikako-Taishi drama in this episode was new member Ryo Sekikawa doing some market research for his company back in Japan. Soft-spoken but seemed to be a person with substance. Being in the Market Research field myself, I couldn't help but say that he's actually a pretty good qualitative research moderator. The way how he talked Chikako to open up about her relationship with Taishi was S Class level of moderating.

There's not much to say in this episode. Although, next episode might be promising as Chikako will face her ex-husband.