Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 07 Reactions

It's an episode of character and relationship developments!

Wow what an episode. Cheri's making the house a lot interesting by playing the show in a very American way. I was about to turn on Cheri seeing how she's cozying up with Connor and somewhat admitting that she felt she led on Eric. But in a surprise turn of events, she realized what she was doing and straight up apologized to Taishi. She was honest enough to admit her mistake of judging Taishi in the end of Part 3.

After a few episodes ago wherein the editing made her seem to be the villain, I was waiting for that full acceptance of that role, BUT she seemed to finally realize some kind of character development that stops her from becoming a real villain. Again, that was what separated her from Anna. Anna didn't grow after Taishi called him out. But Cheri has been very self-aware of what she's doing. So yeah, I still don't seem to get the Cheri hate. (Maybe in the final episodes?).

I felt sorry to what happened to Anna even though her time wasn't enjoyable in the house. Possibly some karmic situation, she basically gets dumped by Wez. I guess she was expecting Wez to show more effort but it seems like he's more interested in networking and building his career I suppose? Man, this is the second consecutive screw up of Wez. I'm hoping he'd bounce back.

Taishi and Chikako's conversation (in front of Wez) was kind of hard to gauge. I have a sense that Chikako's interested but not yet totally sold on him. Based on what Chikako has shared about her life, it seemed that she had a history of bad relationships (e.g. married a guy who she wasn't 100% sure of, not being able to grow up in a complete family). And it's pretty understandable for her to be hesitant. I hope Taishi gives Chika space and not screw this up because I'm starting to believe that Chika is his "love to die for",

I can't really gauge Mariko and Ryo right now. Though they were interesting additions being that they're older,  bumping up the average age in the house from 22 to 26 years old (people were made when Aloha State started with 3 18 year olds. Moreover, if the last scene was any indication, it seems that Chika's interested in Ryo.

Seems to me that Aloha State isn't done adding storylines yet!