Terrace House: Aloha State Part 4 Episode 06 Reactions

A surprise hook-up and a surprise house member departure!

One thing that finally crystallized for me after watching this episode: the current member mix of Taishi-Guy-Cheri-Wez-Mila-Chika had the best chemistry in Aloha State so far. Probably the episode was built with more scenes of the members hanging out together to build the eventual drama that two of them will leave? But what I've noticed so far was that they're showing more scenes of the members doing stuff together and just generally looking comfortable hanging out. Not a lot of awkward moments at the dining table, they generally feel more like friends. 

Another thing that's also been apparent is that compared to B&GITC, Aloha State members are allowed to date previous members on-screen. Which give editors more stuff to play with. With that said, it's the 4th or 5th episode in this storyline, but I'm still not buying the Eric and Cheri story. I do believe that they can hook up, but I'm not quite sure if Cheri will altogether change her mind about Eric after a drunk hookup. 

Now to the twist in this episode: Mila after five episodes, decided to leave! Se didn't do much in the house, save for a quick date with Guy and prodding Cheri or Taishi during conversations. It's a mystery to me why she left early since she seemed like she was gelling well with the other members. Her stay's the quickest I've witnessed so far in Terrace House. Momoka from B&GITC at least went to a manzai date with Arman AND had the pro-ballet dancer storyline. Mila had zero stuff to work on.

RIP Best Aloha State Member Mix. Looking forward to two new housemates!

Some Stray Thoughts:

  • Taishi's reading internet comments and have been watching the show. He's super leaning on his swordplay practice. He did crack that watermelon with so much force.
  • "Bed Beginning" is a cool term that should be included in our collective vocabulary.
  • Wez not being able to stand up to even bid goodbye to Guy and Mila sucked so bad. Especially when the reason he couldn't do it was because he was plastered the night before.
  • Mila's look to Guy when Chikako greeted Taishi was background comedy GOLD.
  • One thing that I would like to know more is how good friends Guy and Cheri are. Based on the brief moments we saw their interactions on-screen, it seemed like they're pretty cool to each other, and like they have their own inside jokes or whatnot. And also it would be fun to see the relationship between the Overarchieving Beauty Queen and the Overachieving Surfer Dude.