4 Ways To Quench Your Terrace House: Aloha State Thirst

Terrace House: Aloha State has been a fun watch so far. It may not have the same charms as Terrace House: Boys & Girls In The City had, but it made up for it by having a more interesting first batch of housemates (you can read our full impressions of Part 1 here). However, eight episodes isn't just enough. And with Part 2 far from the horizon, here are 4 ways you can possibly do to quench your Terrace House thirst:

1. Follow The Housemates Online

Want to know what the housemates are up to during or after their time in the house? Follow them on social media. So far all six housemates have public instagram accounts that they actively update. You can follow each one at the following handles:

A word of caution though, since they do actively update their lives on instagram, you may get spoiled on the recent events that will eventually happen in the series (i.e. when a housemate leaves)

2. Subscribe to r/terracehouse subreddit thread

The r/terracehouse subreddit is the forum to go to for discussions about Terrace House. It's an active thread where you can read, post or comment on anything Terrace House. From news, episode discussions (even the current ones airing in Japan) to cultural analysis, you can find them all there. I admit, this has become a daily read for me.

3. Listen To Podcasts

If the Terrace House subreddit isn't enough for you, you can also listen to fan discussion podcasts available on the internet. Podcasts, mainly audio podcasts are a quick and easy way to get entertainment or information on different topics. If you're unfamiliar with listening to podcasts, you can follow this guide I made. Personally I follow these two Terrace House-exclusive podcast:

  • Terrace House Mafia: Two dudes recap and share their thoughts on each episode of Terrace House: Boys & Girls In The City. It's an easy listen given that each episode only runs around 10 - 15 minutes. Perfect for quick sips or for those still forming their podcast legs.
  • Terrace Housecast: Boys and Girls On The Internet: Three friends discuss Terrace House: Aloha State on a per episode basis. It's a lengthy listen as each episode runs 1hr 30mins and would often have off-tangent discussions. Audio quality isn't the best, but hey, when you have your Terrace House craving, you take what you can get.

4. Watch Supplementary Videos on YouTube

And if you're still not satisfied you can check out supplementary videos uploaded by Netflix Japan and the official Terrace House YouTube channel. After each episode, Netflix Japan uploads additional content from the funny man in glasses, Yama-Chan, entitled Yama-Channel. Think of it as a short final thoughts segment after each episode. On the other hand, the official Terrace House YouTube Channel also uploads extra interviews and scenes that were edited out every week to know more what happens inside the house. There's a ton of official content available but unfortunately these are all exclusive to Japan. The only way to access and watch these. if you're a non-Japanese speaker, is to use a VPN and use google translate to roughly translate the videos. It's taxing to do but can be the most fruitful among all four methods.

Hope these four ways are enough to satisfy you at the moment. If you have other means of getting that Terrace House high, help your co-fans out by commenting below.