A Second Chance Teaser: Bakit Galit na Galit Si Popoy?

The second teaser for the JLC-Bea Alonzo-led drama "A Second Chance" was launched last night. Not much was revealed regarding the plot of the entire movie, but the one minute trailer was able to set up the tension...for the titular second chance (fans would know it's already the goddamn third chance).

After being treated with a SDE of their wedding video, we got a look at how the newlyweds are adjusting to married life. And it seemed like Popoy's having difficulty with it. In probably one of the key dramatic scenes of the movie, Popoy has a tantrum and starts throwing kitchenware like a nursery school kid not having a proper nappy time. It's odd knowing that in the previous movie Popoy was the one who couldn't move on in the relationship. So we try to figure out the possible reasons why: